Evergreen Mooswand Sparkasse Schwerte - drei Farben


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Marco Piehl
Marco Piehl
Project: Sparkasse Schwerte

“In the beginning the conceptual approach of using the moss panels was to re-interpret the GREEN topic in the winter garden in a new abstract manner; large and light at the same time. Similar to a text in which important words or text passages have been highlighted in bold. The constructor’s feedback on the result achieved was very positive. As consequence additional moss panels have been installed in the office and meeting areas.”




Ursula Geismann
Ursula Geismann
Trend expert of the German Association of the Furniture Industry

“It was love at first sight, when I saw my first Evergreen wall in the meeting room of our member-company. Today, the rich green moos is on many walls of our office either as large moss wall or circular moss pictures. The moss absorbs sound, moistens or drys the indoor climate and activates the imagination. Unexceptional all our guests are very impressed by the material and interested in the installations.”