Evergreen natural moss walls


Islandmoos Freund-Moosmanufaktur
reindeer moss
Freund Moss Manufactory
Islandmoos auf einer Fläche Freund-Moosmanufaktur
natural reindeer moss
Freund Moss Manufactory
Islandmoos im Wald Freund-Moosmanufaktur
reindeer moss in the forest
Freund Moss Manufactory

Freund Moss Manufactory

At the present time, a manufactory in terms of manual production is always connected to high quality and exclusivity.
Freund GmbH | Moosmanufaktur is a manufactory, which creates and produces its own designs for green wall elements made of real moss.

The manufacturing of moss walls and moss pictures consists of many different work steps. The moss is harvested by hand in the woods. Here we put emphasis on a very careful harvest where just parts of the surfaces are picked out. So a regeneration is assured. After the harvest the moss will be carefully cleaned of dirt and earth. The washed moss then can be dyed with natural colours and preserved in a special process. The right preservation is the true secret that the florets remain soft and elastic. If a manufacturer is using untreated moss it would become porous and would need watering constantly. With the right preservation the Freund moss remains soft and fresh.
During the wintertime, when the humidity drops, the moss can get harder (haptic). However, it will be soft again when the humidity rises in spring.

But now, the real manual work begins. Our valued partner place floret next to floret close to each other and carefully fix the roots onto the carrier plates. Given the manual, filigree work and manufacture by hand we literally are a manufactury which produces its moss products in Germany entirely.

In our opinion companies who call themselves manufactury should commit to produce their goods with a 100% proportion of manual work – and this is what we do at Freund Moss Manufactory with great pleasure.